Friday, 26 September 2014

We Keep on Rolling Along

It has been much too long since I updated the Beads for Memories site. Much has happened in the months since the Cabin Fever Reliever.

The first major event after our last post was our family being named as the 2014 Walk For Mamories Honouree family! We were quite surprised and very flattered that Alysha would be the face of the 2014 walk.

Alysha was enthusiastic about her new responsibilities, appearing in e-mail and advertising for the Society, and even doing a live radio show on 1290 CJBK. You can hear the entire interview, from the 'Ask The Experts' segment in their archive.

And what a day it was.

Our family was also able to give a thank you to all the supporters and volunteers at the society, and lead the walk out and along the path through Springbank Park.

You can see here that Alysha managed to raise the third highest amount of individual donations, and the $153,000 raised was a London record. We were shocked by the amount of different donors to Alysha's walk, and know that the Society will put the funds raised to good use.
Seeing Springbank Gardens full of supporters is a bittersweet thing. For one, we know there are lots of people in the community willing to give their time and effort to helping families cope with this disease. Of course, knowing that Alzheimers and many other kinds of dementia have no cure, a full park means there are a lot of people who need help, and there will be more in the coming years.

It is our hope that, in our own way, a young person like Alysha can help draw attention to the fact that Alzheimer's is not a disease that affects only those over a certain age.

Alysha has had more going on this summer, and I will be posting (soon I hope) about a couple of other projects to keep Beads For Memories rolling along.