Friday, 27 April 2012

Million for Memories Celebration

This week Alysha had a chance to celebrate with the Alzheimer Society at the end of their Million for Memories campaign. The special guest for the evening was London born actor Victor Garber, an accomplished stage actor, guest star in many television series, and perhaps best known for his role as shipbuilder Thomas Andrews in Titanic.

Alysha and Julie, her proud mom
The first surprise of the day came to Alysha and her mom before meeting Victor, though. The Major Donor posters are up at the society for the last year, and Alysha got to have her picture taken with her name on the wall behind her.

Alysha and Victor Garber
Along with appetizers, came the opportunity to meet Mr. Garber. He was full of positive things to say about the efforts to lessen the impact of Alzheimer's, and not only posed with Alysha, but accepted the gift of a Beads for Memories bracelet.

As Beads for Memories continues to make and sell bracelets to raise funds for Alzheimer's care and research, it helps to know that there are people just as willing to donate their time and energy to the cause.

You can see more pictures from this event on the Alzheimer Society Facebook page.

Stylish bracelet for a stylish guy.

To date, over $1500 dollars have been raised by Alysha and her family, and we will continue to take our show 'on the road' wherever the Society will have us. As always, we thank those who have supported us in the past, and hope to meet more of you dedicated to this cause in the future.

To read the whole reason behind Beads for memories, check my original post here.
For our most recent fundraising tally, check our Totals and Goals.

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  1. What a fantastic effort Alysha. Keep up the great job. Poppa and grandma.