Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Walk for Memories 2012

This post is a bit behind schedule, but better late than never! Alysha spent her first year collecting pledges for the Alzheimer Walk For Memories, and she completed the walk on May 12th.

Alysha, Julie and I were there to walk, and to sell bracelets.
The walk was lovely, and though the day was a grey one, there was lots of colour as the London Police piped us through the first turn.

Here, Alysha is joined by a surprise companion. Natasia is a family friend who managed to walk almost all of the route, even with much shorter legs . Maybe she can be convinced to collect pledges next year!

At the halfway point, we pause and take a breath at the Memory Wall.

Alysha is very stoked up by her completion of the walk, she knows her $520 in pledges will be a big help. Natasia is a bit less impressed.

During the hour long walk, mom held down things at the bracelet table, and we raised another $145 for the Society.

Thanks to all the people at the society who always make us feel welcome, and to all the friends and family who donated. The employees at Ramkey Communications were responsible for pledging almost half of Alysha's total for the walk, which was truly unexpected.

Hope to see you all there next year! (If not before.)

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