Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Grand Evening

February 4th, 2012 was the night for the London Middlesex Alzheimer Society's annual Cabin Fever Reliever event. The 'Reliever' is a dinner and auction, and was held at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. Alysha was invited to bring her bracelets to the event, and sell them throughout the evening.
Alysha and mom, Julie at the sales table.

The bracelets included a selection with semi-precious stones added in, made just for this event. Alysha was lucky enough to be given a prime location at the registration table for the pre-dinner portion of the evening. It was wonderful to have so many new, and familiar faces around for the evening.

Ready for sale!
Alysha entered the evening very close to a major goal. Since her first visit to the Society in March of 2011, close to $900 had been raised through bracelet sales. She had set a goal of $1000 dollars raised in less that one calendar year. Prior to the auction, it was announced that Alysha had less than eighty dollars to go before reaching her target.

We are very pleased to announce that, by the end of the Cabin Fever Reliever, Beads For Memories had surpassed the $1000 mark for the year! The big round of applause from all those at the Cabin Fever Reliever was a huge moment for Alysha, and her mother. The Cabin Fever Reliever crowd donated a total of $230 in this one night alone! Alysha and her family would like to thank everyone who contributed their time to making bracelets, materials to create them, and all those who purchased a bracelet (or a whole bunch) from one of the events Alysha was at over the past year. This evening was a wonderful exclamation point on an incredible year.

Alysha's name will be added to the Major Donors wall for 2011 at the Alzheimer Society offices in June, and she will be the youngest individual ever named on the wall. Alysha couldn't be more thrilled.

Below are a couple of friends who dropped by to pose with Alysha at the event.

Alysha, and Kerry Bruce from the Society

'Aunt' Joan McConnell and Alysha

This is certainly not the end of the road for Beads For Memories, or Alysha and family. We continue to be involved with Alzheimer's fund raising, including the month of February at White Oaks school. As always, if you'd like more information on the project you can contact if you would like to read about Alysha's inspiration for the work that she does, you can read my first post.

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  1. This is amazing!! Congratulations Alysha and your amazing team! Thanks for sharing news of this event and of her accomplishments. What a talented and generous young lady!