Thursday, 2 February 2012

White Oaks Fundraiser

After a whole year of fundraising with the Alzheimer's Society around London, Alysha has brought her bracelets back home to White Oaks School.

Starting February 1st, the staff have given permission for her to set up shop in front of the Junior Office.

Bracelets are selling for fifty cents each, and there are plans for raffles of other handmade jewellery in the next three weeks. If the total from the White Oaks students exceeds $250.00, there will be a chair plaque in the Alzheimer's Society's conference room with the message "White Oaks Public School Cares". 

The Vice-Principal was kind enough to pose with Alysha as the very busy month begins.

Alysha and Mrs. S Sartor of White Oaks P.S.
If you want to know the reasons behind Alysha's efforts you can read about it here. If you would like to contact us about ordering bracelets, or helping out in another way, please e-mail us at

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